2018 was an okay year in Cameroonian music, despite the unstable anglophone regions and the presidential elections that made many temporal politicians, the influence of this distractions and tools slowing the growth of industry didn’t stop the current giants of music in central africa from doing what they love doing best. Cameroonian artists kept the industry alive by giving us reasons to believe why the  Cameroon music industry is one of the most productive yet neglected assets of the country and economy.  2018  had way less hits when compared to 2017,  but nevertheless thousands of songs were  released and a good number of the songs actually had massive media spins, radio play and was rotated on TV on a regular. Below is a Countdown of  the Top 10 Best Cameroonian artists of the year 2018 in order of merit based on:

  •  Hit Songs, Impact of the songs ReleasedFeaturings, Shows, Artistic value.


10. Maahlox


Currently Maahlox is  known by many as “LA RESISTANCE”.  Despite haven been restricted airplay on most National stations for his 18 + lyrics , the Rapper has carved a niche for himself Online that has made him one of the Most Influential artists of our generation. MAAHLOX did grow his fanbase to a very huge number in 2018. His frequent social media posts about day to day Happenings has made him an artist of the people and a fans favorite. The Rapper released 5 singles in 2018, Fini avecL’eau salleMange Ta partPrends Ta Part seulement and the street anthem for his street wear MOUF. The track that made waves  from all his released singles was FIni avec,  and the Rappers Movement to Fill UP Paposy was the highlight of the year  2018. Maahlox was arguably one of the most booked Cameroonian artists in 2018 after Daphne. Maahlox had shows in both Europe and Africa in 2018. The Rapper was indeed remarkable and influential in 2018. He Occupies spot 10


9. Salatiel


Alpha Better Records Boss and singer Salatiel is currently one of the Most influential Cameroonian artists in the industry. From his productions to the singing, Salatiel has most often been given credit for being a Producer and less credit or attention to his singing. In 2018 , the artist actually paid some attention to his singing career and it yielded fruits. Salatiel‘s released singles such as Weekend , Sans Complexe ft Magasco on his featuring on Rembourser by Meshi  and C’est La vie by Mr leo  all made him a huge name Impossible to leave out of the Top 10. Although the singer is still to see the song that will spread like wild fire, the impact from his different singles released could be felt by music fans in Cameroon and many bellieve the music god is close to his big break. His recently released Comme Ca(A Nous deux) featuring with Camer music pop Queen Daphne is currently on a diplomatic passport, with the songs impact rising faster than the price of “Fungueh”. Salatiel occupies spot 9.

8. Magasco


Golden Boy Magasco is a cut out from a Golden cloth. From his music to the brand he has build , has set him on a path which is Unique and is yielding fruits. His Sokoto released in  December 2017 became a hit and remarkable single in the first half of 2018, becoming his second official HIT after Wule Bang Bang. Magasco’s verses on all the 4 Power series singles (Donner Donner , Laissez Passer, Validation )has gone a long way to show fans how versatile he can be. He also released other singles such as Zamba, Under my Bed, Move Your Body with the singer dropping a verse on a good number of tracks such as   Por Favor by Dj Mohgreen, Mado by Kikoh, Mbongo Chobi by Togolese Damsel Senzaa , Sans Complexe by Salatiel , Trop Parler and Soldier by Pit Baccardi. Magasco released a joint ALBUM titled KINGS alongside Pit Baccardi in the second half of 2018. His  concert at the Yaounde Multipurpose Complex(Paposy ) on the 22nd of December allthough half full graced his music year.With more than 10 years experience in the game, the Bamenda Boy doesn’t look like he will be going anywhere. Bedi Beng beng beng, it’s about to get real in 2019.


7. Blanche Bailly


Blanche Bailly was not only notorious for disturbing social media with some sexy ass and boobs pictures through out the year, she did excite the music fans with some good music too. Queen Mimba Came through with  another HIT   in 2018. She released 2 singles Bon Bon and Ndolo in 2018. Bon Bon was one of the HIT singles that made  mad waves in the first half of 2018, the success of this song is proof that the strong bond between the singer and her producer Phillbillbeatz keeps yielding positive fruits. The chorus of the song “Je ne suis pas ton bonbon ” has become a popular line used by the youths in the country, thereby impacting the culture and contributing to her huge influence this year. Blanche’s recently released song Ndolo produced by the fast rising producer Mccoy Twap has also been receiving much love and attention from her fans. To cap off an already great year, the singer headlined Most of the major concerts in Cameroon by Orange and was on a Europe and african tour. Queen Mimba just proved to us why she isn’t a one hit wonder. It only get’s better, Queen Mimba is for sure heading for top stop using her God given assets to stimulate her fans the right way. Bailly occupies spot 7 comfortably.


6. Ko-C


Cameroon’s fastest rapper Ko-c has seen enormous growth in 2018. Under Big Dreams Ent, Ko-C has become One of the Top A- list artists in just a short time. Ko-C‘s singles Bollo C’est Bollo which was released in October 2017 gained massive fan attention during the first half of 2018 topping the List on most Music Channels both home and  in French Africa. The Second Quarter of 2018 was highlighted by his second HIT track Balance’ in which Tenor featured in. Balance’ was easily one of the biggest songs of the year 2018 and to grace it’s results the song won a price as the most downloaded song on MTN Cameroon. As if it was not enough, the rapper after blessing his fans with 2 Hot singles, decided to end his amazing Career year with another amazing mid tempo song  Sango featuring with Benin’s Fanicko that is another potential hit spreading like wild fire. In 2018, Ko-C  has headlined a good number of shows in Cameroon, and his music has seen his fanbase rise reasonably both in Cameroon and in french Africa, with him gaining a some love after his trip to Ivory coast.  Ko-C’s delivery when he is given the mic, Dancing skills, and his ability to sing and rap has earned him a level of respect setting him on a separate lane from critics who saw him as a shadow to Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. His Verses on tracks like  Valide remix of Numerica, We need Peace All star, make many to wonder  what the rapper has to offer in 2019. Ko-c secured the bag, and put out relevant music that will be encoded in the DNA of a typical Cameroonian music fan for a longtime. We see stars like him just once in 10 years. We need to give him the mic often y’all.


5. Tenor


If you  talk about Rap  to the young generation in Cameroon without mentioning Tenor, it will make you sound like you smoked some “Joviweed” (Joke) . The Young rap stars rise to fame is the first of it’s kind since the moment when “2 Pan pepper soup bebi na Nkolo Fap”. In 2018, the Universal Music Africa’s signee released an EP titled NNOM GUI with a reasonable number of amazing tracks. His Hit singles such as LVMH,  and À L’IMPARFAIT   had a good impact In Cameroon and Africa without forgeting his single Appeler featuring KIff No Beat. The Highlight of the Rappers Career in 2018 was his Concert at the Paposy that was a success with a huge number of fans  who showed up to support him. The Buzz created from Tenor’s singles and his crazy performances at his shows in Europe and Africa, his contribution to the success of Ko-c‘s Balance , without forgetting his  Paposy Concert made him one of the Most Influential Cameroonian artists in 2018, hence earning him spot 5.


4. Locko


Locko is one of Cameroon’s A-List artist that has proven that he will be around for a longtime. It’s hard to hate on such a talent that’s emanating positive energy and good music on a regular. In  2018, Locko did great with his first studio album The Bridge that was released in the first quarter of 2018 bringing a blend between established, mid career and upcoming artists on his debut album which was packed with good music. His two  singles Booboo  released in the first half of 2018 and recently Hein Hein Hein featuring Singuila  are all songs that have received air play and has been the fan favorite on numerous occasions. Locko’s album The Bridge released in the first half of 2018 is arguably one of the blueprints Cameroonian urban music packed with features in the likes of Ko-c, Mr Leo, Nabila decorated with a good number of HITS. Eventhough Locko broke up with his former production house Big Dreams Ent. the Talented singer who later got signed to Universal Music Africa might have taken some time to feed his fans with new music but the impact of his album and the already two mentioned songs make his name impossible to leave out when talking about the Top 10  Cameroonian artist for the year 2018. Locko occupies spot 4.


3. Daphne


Coming from a buzzing year for the Pop Queen 2017, it is save to say Daphne secured the bag, more than she did release music in 2018. Her HIT singles Promet Moi and Jusqua a la gare released in November 2017 was the main official anthem for most Marriages and events around the country in  2018.  The Calee Crooner did proof to Cameroonians that she is far from being a One Hit Wonder, In 2018 Daphne released two singles My Lover  and  Ne Lache Pas . My Lover was released in April of 2018 and the song has since then received a reasonable support from fan’s but way less when compared to the HEAT  and impact she created  in 2017 . Daphne had an OKAY 2018, but the impact of her Okayness still put her at a reasonable spot in the list of the Most relevant artist of the year. Oh Papi , Daphne made quite some reasonable MULA/NKAP/BUDGET AKA Money in 2018 as she had an African, Europe and American Tour. She had a sold out show a remarkable number of times in Guinea, Mozambique, Gabon and Mayotte. The List is not Complete if the Queen of Cameroonian urban music  Daphne is absent.

2. Mink’s


“Les gars vont encore dit que je……..” Cameroonian starboy Mink’s  had an amazing  2018 when we talk about Music in the fast growing Cameroonian music industry. The Ach4life signed rapper has made ladies almost pull off their bra during shows for the sake of love for the Urban Hit Maker. Mink’s in  2018 released singles such as Koi Me Fait which Locko featured in, Couper L’appetite featuring Benin based super star Fanicko , Le Dehors est Sucre. His extra touch on HIT Songs Like Ça Va Te Tuer  by Dj Kenny which was one of the most celebrated songs of the year, and also Mon Gout by Xmaleya. His influence this year spread outside the music circles, as he also did a great job on  impacting immensely the Cameroonian music culture as he was one of the main headliners for the Made in Cameroon music festival that was held in the USA in July of 2018. Mink’s hardwork,dedication and his amazing  verses on all of the Power projects (Donner Donner(Power 2)), Power 4 (Laissez Passer) has earned him the title King of Features in the Cameroon music industry. He has grown remarkably to a National sensation and many can’t wait to see what he has to offer in 2018.


1. Mr Leo


2018 was not a perfect year for Mr Leo but still yet he stood out with the different songs which he released. But for his frequent fashion backlash from fans, there was still something to ride home about which is the music, Mr Leo  was one of the most consistent Cameroonian artist of the year.  In 2018 Mr Leo released 5  single’s Namely:   Je Suis DesoleOn Se Connait PasJamais Jamais Remix featuring Flavour, C’est La Vie featuring Salatiel  and Je suis a Toi . Je Suis Desole  and On se Connait Pas were the two singles that really made waves for the singer both home, abroad and in French Africa. The impact of the songs from his Love original album released in the second half of November 2017 received it’s attention and impact more in 2018. Making him the artists who has topped the Playlist of Cameroonians the most. Coming from an artist who released Jamais Jamais the year before, critics have suggested although the LION MAN was consistent, Leo might need to fasten his seat belt for 2019 if he has any hopes of making it into Africa’s Top 10 Anytime soon.


Worthy Mentions:

Stanley Enow : Stanley could have been a strong contestant for spot 10 , his single My Way featuring Tzy Panchak and Locko, which  is arguably his second HIT since Hein Pere has played a major role in his comeback as fans await the  coming of his second studio album “STANLEY VS ENOW”. Casanova although with heavy promo had an okay impact for an artist currently having 5 years experience in the game.

SHURA : Cameroonian singer SHURA signed to SME did see some growth in 2018, with her Hit song Allez Dire getting much attention in the first half of 2018. SHURA did great, but needed a backup song to keep her elevated and many can’t wait to see what she has to offer in 2019.

Nabila ; Regn records signee Nabila   has received much love from her single Ca Va Aller! she closed an improved Career year from 2017. Nabilla is an asset!

Meshi: Zion Records Queen Meshi has put quite some effort in taking her Career to the next level. Her hefty singles Rembourser, Come For ME, Guetter put her at a good spot ready for competition. Watch out for Meshi, her comeup might be blur to some but she’s coming with that FIYAAA.


Hope you enjoyed the article, Now you have one job to leave a comment behind about who you think made the most impact in 2018 musically from Cameroon.

Written By:

Emmanuel Mfon 

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