Did  Gasha’s Career end after the  release of  Chill ft Eddy Kenzo back in 2015?. Gasha  in 2013 was living the life of a true and real urban diva, unfortunately  3 years later it might not be the case. Gasha was making it big some few years back with her hit singles like Kaki Mbere, This life, Chill ft Eddy Kenzo booming all around. Her passion and above all her talented voice made fans know they could trust her to be the Queen diva that will be consistent and keep dropping out new songs. Is it because of her exit from Stevens Music? some might be compelled to blame her recent inconsistency for that move. Her views seems to be dropping track after track and it seems she is feeling very comfortable as nothing is being said. Hell no, you need to pull up those numbers up and about soon. in 2015 she did release just a single video which is the remix for This life ft Law, and  also singles such as Ma Kong Wa, which looked too mediocre to keep her relevant enough on the music charts. With very few female artists keeping up with consistency, there is the need for Gasha to  get back to work and bring back that winning strategy because at this rate, she might finally lose it. it is  a new year, get it together and bring out the new stuff.

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