Guess who’s back with another sizzler just in time for you to start an amazing week? Mr leo drops yet another Afro RnB hit-in-the making titled Kemayo on the 30th of  may 2016. After teaching  music lovers how to love with ‘E Go Beta’ and ‘On Va Gerer’, Mr Leo drops this heart-warming video for his song titled ‘Kemayo.’ Kemayo is the story of a man who caught himself in the web of unfaithfulness. A man who found comfort in the arms of other woman at the expense of his home. The song exposes these nonchalant vices that are continuously eating up our society such as unfaithfulness and sorcery. Mr. Leo tells the story in French, the Cameroonian way, using the local languange  that relatively all can relate to. The song starts off with a rhythmic and engaging tone. I feel compelled to listen to it. The singer has a rather dynamic voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The song is not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging for me. The song definitely is professional and creative. I find it extremely good and the singer has talent. The Beat was produced by Alpha Better Records Boss Salatiel and the video was directed by Nkeng Stephens. Prepare to sweat it out to this one cause it’s “fiyah”

Watch and drop your comments below!!!