Kreef Entertainment’s Rapper Mic Monsta  who got labelled as the Mayor of punchline district, is back with a new video titled Kwata State of Mind. The song tells a touching story of a young hustler, hustling in the streets explaining  a typical lifestyle most people who have gone through the hard times in the streets of Cameroon can relate to, this compelling story is summed up in one title – Kwata state of mind directed by Dr Nkeng stephens with a fantastic Video concept. After he released  Fear earlier this year, the pressure was mounting,  his fans had to question if he will leave up to the hype, His fans must be impressed with this release. Using pidgin english, he is able to blend a very catchy wordplay that seemingly yields a true life story. With The mic still crackling hot, he has just held the rap world hostage with only  2 minutes 55 secs, do you want to know what he will do with more time? wait till he drops his next song. For now  Enjoy, comment and share.