Kreef entertainments Golden boy and only Rapper Mic Monsta drops his First Official single titled Fear. Before #Fear Mic Monsta has been known for his strong lyrical game. He first got into the spotlight when he dropped his verse on Bwam by Jovi, after which was followed by #Nword remix and KingKong remix which he featured with Buea based Artist Crispy respectively and finally before fear he dropped a verse on the song K-town featuring Best Music’s Queen Ewube and Liinx. Mic Monsta through this releases have earned a lot of respect and love from music lovers around the globe. His lyrical prowess, energy and power in his delivery is just on a stand-alone when you compare him to other rappers in Cameroon, Fear is a song completely in Pidgin. Mic has a special pidgin dictionary. His pidgin vocabulary is something else.  From his lyrics he has come to stay, and his haters are really giving a clap to his amazing work of art, it is usually said that if you can’t beat them join them. He has definitely earned a spot in the Top 10 Rappers in Cameroon.
Shot in Buea and directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens, the video captures just the right things that will instill fear into anybody watching. The *Juju* dancing, the hexagon sign which the online media depicts as an illuminati sign, his swag and also his rhyme scheme. Everything about the song just brings an iota of fear.
Dubbed the “Mayor of punchline District” Mic Monsta is well on track to making his mark as the Next rated rap star within the Cameroonian Music Industry. Watch out, Africa, Cameroon is coming for you.