Cameroon’s finest female singer and Best female artist in Central Africa, has been making buzz on social media due to allegations about her being a lesbian. Photos of Charlotte  and her now known big Sister  have been making rounds on social media with many questioning the sister relationship this two are having. Things have since  then not been the same as many fans were beginning to lose hope about these allegations against their music idol. Well we have good news for you. Boris Belloit an investigative journalist took some time to dig deep into this issue that is now widely spread  on social networks and here are his results.

According to him it was a setup, read the points he made below.

Firstly, The girl Charlotte is giving a kiss to is her big sister  by the name of Patricia Essombo. They have been close for many years, and they often hang out with each other .  Patricia is always present for Charlotte’s shows and is always showing support to her sister who happens to be her everything. The photo circulating on social media was taken in 2016 in Olympia( Paris )  just before the start of her Mega concert

Secondly The nude pictures making rounds on whats App and gossip pages on face-book  are from an Old nigerian Pornographic movie and that it is clearly not Patricia neither is it Our Queen charlotte

To Conclude the Journalist said  the person of interest  is not Charlotte Dipanda but  rather  one of her relatives who is a contestant for a Big and Important Political Position and also that, the Photos started circulating within the Political milieu.