IS  SHEY  Neglected by New Bell Music? , is he Lazy Or  Maybe Something else ?  Well , That’s the big Question that has been running through the minds of music fans/pundits etc.  it is no news that New Bell music is one of the most hard working labels in the country, but putting that aside it is questionable what can be happening within the team. Shey got introduced to the label in 2015, and got featured in the EP Lord have mercy where he was outstanding with his fine Jamaican/reggae like style which made him unique in his delivery. Shey  featured on tracks such as Pantana featuring Tilla  and horsepower alongside Pascal. After receiving a lot of positive review and love from fans, there was huge Hope that the label will finally be branding the only Gold mind in the Dancehall/reggae category in their Label. Shey’s talent is unspeakable and you could feel this fine master touch and uniqueness he adds to any song he hops on, all  what fans could wish for would be to get more and more of this Rare Talent.  Same year 2015 Shey got featured on 2 songs on Jovi’s legendary album Mboko God(Positioning, Jungle book & Comme Moundi) and Based on reviews from Twitter Jungle book was chosen by many as one the favorites on the album.  After about 7 months of silence His 4 track  EP titled Tapsï  with outstanding singles such as Popoh Kombi and Jongleur  was released. From November 2015 till March 2017 Shey has not been featured on any New Bell Music Project or neither have he been seen hanging out with the team on shows/outings etc. Oh and it is also worth mentioning that the label has released close to 7 projects without a single featuring with SHEY on it. Like Big G Baba once said *SOMETHING IS REALLY WRONG SOMEWHERE.Here Comes the million Dollar Question ,  Is Shey Lazy?  Is New Bell Music Neglecting his Talent? …..if this Continues the next artist might be on his way out anytime soon.


Credit:  MbokoTV is asking similar questions watch below!!!!!!