Is Nami Nami Cyrus Neglected by Empire Company? , is he Lazy?Or Maybe Something else ?

IS  Nami Nami Cyrus  Neglected by  his Label Empire Company? , is he Lazy Or  Maybe Something else ? That’s the big Question that has been running through the minds of his fans and also concerned peoples. The Works of Cameroonian label Empire Company  which is home to Pop/Rnb Star Magasco and owned by Pit Baccardi, has been Questioned by fans recently over their actions on their artist Nami Nami Cyrus.   it is no news that Empire Company is perceived  as one of the most hard working labels in the country, but putting that aside it is questionable what can be happening within the team. The label which was once home to X-maleya, Duc-z and Ne Grie got fans asking if the Label is really that Gold Mine which the media is Perceiving. Well with  Duc-z’s career falling deep after a short time, and also the Duo Ne-Grie’s career vanishing in thin air, one is compelled to say “Something is really Wrong Somewhere“.

The Business

Nami Nami Cyrus got signed to Empire in 2016, and since then have been able to release just a single song Dream featuring Label boss Pit Baccardi. The Video for Nami Nami Cyrus’s single Amassa which officially announced his entry into the label was released roughly in June 2016, but even this single and the recent one with Pit hasn’t been enough to get himself untop of the charts or even make fans feel the influence of the label on his career. Recently fans have been coming for the rappers head, Questioning why the rapper will have to be sharing his own music into Whats App groups as though he is a blogger. It’s been rough for him, many think his Career is hitting Rock bottom, reason why many concerned fans are asking what the label is doing for the artist. Why has Cyrus not released a song with the Labels front-liner Magasco?. The Questioning keeps going on, and finally brings us back to the caption  Is Nami Nami Cyrus Neglected by Empire Company? , is he Lazy?Or Maybe Something else ?.

Do you think Empire Company is Exploiting Camer Artists? leave your comments below.



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  1. Eliane June 29, 2017 at 7:22 pm - Reply

    Well that’s what everyone was saying when Magasco joined this label. Partially I don’t think they are wrong. Some our artists are so success hungry that they sign alot of wrong deals. Most of these label CEO take advantage of that and use them. That’s why I say don’t just sign a contract because you got one. Read it carefully also study the label’s behavioural pattern

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