In a year which Cameroonian artists from every part of the world are making great stride in music, quality   and class would keep emerging as we walk to the top. Jaief and Asong are Cameroonians who have been in the game for a long time and have decipher the very essence of music in its true form with musical taste which transcends other genres like hip-hop,jazz, soul and rnb. After dropping a mouth watering Ep titled ” Ear worms” Click Here of five tracks in 2014 , extra-ordinary response from fans couldn’t trigger nothing but more classy music from the duo. Keeping up with expectations as always they dropped a brand new single “Get Away” releases on July 5th featuring a rare talent Rebecca Salomea a jazz/soul singer and produced by the genius KasAkutix to come up with a mind blowing piece of soul. Life some times could be controlled by imperfections, “Get Away ” is a powerful dissection of life abnormalities with a brilliant lyric , vocals and a powerful message to match their impeccable talents. A song filled with effortless blend of sound instruments to create a distinct harmony and rhythm would always stand as top of the line display of real flair. As long as Cameroonian artists make good music we see the tides changing the work continues, there’s no stopping now .

watch and make your opinion count.

Verse 1 (Asong)
It’s been a funny day, everything wanting to fail
You’ve piled up on the table bills that you haven’t paid
Or you’re about to have a test you ain’t studied to
You panic through, everybody else showing attitude
You’re caught up in a traffic, you cannot see the magic
This life’s stressing you out, all you think is tragic
You paddle through, but dreams aren’t coming through
You’re in a shack, dreaming on the days you’re living comfortable
But imma be the bearer of a clear message
It’s one life to live, and we’re not gon waste it
So pack yo shoe, pack yo bag, get your head out
Put your bike out, put your kite out, saying right now we gon fly out
Wild out you ain’t got to think, hit the damn bar get yourself a drink
Hit your friends on your cellphone, they gon come home, party to the brink
We’re only getting started, it’s time to free yo mind
We wanna be enhearted, we’re singing all the time

Hook (Rebekka Salomea)
Imma show you how to do it
Cos I know you’re going through it
Let me show you how to do it
It’s time to free your mind
How to get away, How to get away (2X)

Verse 2 (Jaief)
There’s nothing other to life, than just living it
A word only carries meaning we give to it
If it looks like stress, stay away from it
But if it feels good embrace it if it ain’t gibberish
Far away like the galaxies
That’s how far I stay away from travesties
Only put out the good like an embassy
And stay below the radar, I love me some privacy
In a space of my own
One of those moments I’m feelin all alone
Soul searching that place I could call home
Got my head spinning like a cyclone
Need a moment to get away
Leave it all behind and just get away
Go some other place, mandalay
I’m tired of always being current like faraday

Hook (Rebekka Salomea)

Bridge (Rebekka Salomea)
Imma show you how to do it
Cos I know you’re going through it
It’s time to free your mind

Hook till fades…