Fulbert - Conviction artwork

Fulbert is a Cameroonian Music Artist who comes from the western province of Cameroon and grew up in the Country’s economic capital Douala.  At just 19 years of age Fulbert has launched his triumphant entry into the music world with a new scintillating Afro Trap-RnB song, which happens to be his first single titled “Conviction”. Even though young, Fulbert is now realizing every artist’s dream, which is to make his music and his universe (mixing pop, soul, rnb) accessible to the greatest amount of people. After haven gained much Inspiration from Music gurus in the likes of Aretha Franklin, Tchana Pierre, Chris Brown, Adele, Charlotte Dipanda, Locko and Dynastie le Tigre, Fulbert decided it was high time he begins his career, all this gave birth to Conviction. Conviction is a song that reveals the dilemma behind his pursuit for his passion music, unlike following the majority by pleasing some parents who think the “only way to succeed in life!” is by going to school. “Conviction” was produced by DJ Bozeur, and the song has been chosen to be the official anthem of the first edition of  the PUMA tournament, a football competition in partnership with City Sport, which will see the participation of 120 Cameroonian children who hope to realize their dream of becoming great professional footballers. The singer has talent and is definitely pursuing the right career. Listen to the track below and drop your comments.

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Lyrics Conviction by FULBERT
Verse1 :
The party’s over
Gotta make some order
All the way gotta fix some goals
To make it right
Climbing proudly
Wanna make that loudly
But all (the) dark eyes are turning on me
They say they don’t want you to rise
Gotta go (to) school to make it right
All your dreams falling all apart
No clue to make the two arise
They said you can’t make it again
No one’s gonna listen to your song
As a door closes another one’s open
Working hard now, wanna get out of this
Turn the lights down, I can’t take all this risk
I guess I wanna try and try, to never regret
Surely won’t give up …
I can’t just let that this could be over
I can’t just drop and say goodbye now
My conviction says that this can’t be over
Won’t let this boat drown in the water
I close my eyes and tell myself
I………. will make it
I close my eyes and tell myself
I………. will make it
My conviction says I can’t go back now
You said you love me
Still you cheated on me
Used to think that I’m never gonna make it right
After the thunderstorms, comes the daylight
And now I can clearly see what you are
Heartless, worthless, took it all but you care less
Wishing you all the best, (that’s all I can do yeah)
Heartless, worthless, took it all but you…
As a door closes another one’s open
I close my eyes and tell myself.