Ko-C Cameroon’s Proclaimed Fastest Rapper signed to BTS Empire drops a fresh and clean remix to Camericanidol Ebako’s hit song King to Queen. This kind of Remix is not the kind of music you listen to on a regular. It occurs just once in a blue moon. The song King to a Queen was officially released by Ebako at the beginning of January 2016. After the release in January the song gained  fan love and some Rappers got into the studio and started dropping remix’s (e.g  Prospe and Jigga Flames ). Ko- C is a member of the Rap group P.I.M Boys,  and he makes up Rapper number 3 to do a remix on this song. Ko-C gained much love from music lovers after the consistent freestyles he dropped on the Facebook page of his label BTS Empire. Words from the streets suggest he is having SarkodieLike-arrtibutes. Eventhough he thinks otherwise. he says he is using his natural given talent and that he is not a copycat. Ebako on the other hand is a heavyweight rapper based in the USA, he gives lyrical punches anytime he is on the mic, King to a Queen was just one of his amazing Tracks out there, with his most popular released song  being Arabian Night and King to a Queen. He is definitely one of the Camerican Rappers making a difference in the Diaspora. This kind of featuring is what Cameroon Music Industry needs.
Ebako is currently signed to Famos ENT he is very consistent, energetic, and *Ladies he is single*.
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