Dynastie le Tigre hits Cameroon and the world with another brand new Video titled “Dingue de toi”. This song is the first extract off his second album titled “LA LOI DE LA NATURE”  made up of 15 tracks. This is a love song from the singer meaning “crazy over you” in English . The song was produced by the  renowned producer/singer  Salatiel  who happens to be the boss of the Label Alpha Betta Records. The audio had been trending online for a long time, before the  video was finally released online on may 6th 2016. This is a Video with Amazing visuals, and a blend of Bantu and French language gives this masterpiece an amazing feeling to the ears. Dynasty le Tigre always known to bring out a  concept uniquely from Cameroon,  with  fascinating emotional expressions in his type of music has earned him, a good recognition especially in the French part of the country and other French speaking countries in Africa.

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