For some days now, Cameroonian singer Gomez has been ranting on his private facebook account accusing  female singer Blanche Bailly of song theft. Blanche’s latest release titled Dinguo according to Gomez was originally his song.

His active facebook fingers seemed to have raised much attention from concerned fans and many were asking Questions if Blanche Did steal his song. Gomez being caught in all the drama made a public apology to Mrs Mimbayeur. An apology that apperently fell on a ducks back.  Blanche then finally gave a reply to all the allegations and  i Quote ”

Dear Gomez J Oshijirin I need the song ! #Releasam !!!

Despite the apology there is still a lot of confusion, as many fans are still waiting for Gomez to release the song which he claims Blanche  Bailly stole.   While we wait for the drama to come to an end,  do you think Gomez just wants attention, or did Blanche really steal Gomez’s song? kindly leave your comments below.

Written by:

Emmanuel Mfon