The Influence of the Nigerian music industry on the Cameroon music industry is on an all time high as years go by. One of Africa’s best Rappers Alive MI Abaga recently released the Martell cypher 2  which is a continuation of Martell Cypher 1 made up of rappers M.I Abaga, Blaqbonez, A-Q, Loose Kaynon all signed to Chocolate City Music.  This Cypher has been creating a huge impact on the African Hip Hop scene and the punchlines and flow has got both fans and rappers talking. What really got Cameroonian fans pissed? let’s break it down.

In the Martel Cypher 2, M.I Abaga  there was a lot of punchlines and fancy rap claiming who’s best, but what really stood out and got people talking was this verse from M.I Abaga

So who really the best rappers in Africa? Who been top of the charts but still giving lyrical massacre
I’ll put it like this as long as MI exist
I’m number one and y’all can figure out the rest of the list
Here we go 2 Ghanaians, 3 rappers from SA n
1 Kenyan rapper can step to me on their best day
As for Naija I give the legend they props
Then it’s 4 niggas who did it like me that’s where it stops(for real?)

This message didn’t sit well in the ears of Cameroon’s Mboko God JOVI , who’s having 4 albums to his name and regarded  by Many as Cameroon’s most lyrically talented and best rapper. Since the release of the Martell Cypher 2, Cameroonian rappers and fans have been talking about this issue like on a daily, this made Jovi  to take up the challenge which made him to announce on twitter that He is the best rapper in Africa and promised to body your GOAT MC in 48 Hrs, !!! In exactly 48 hrs he released an  “Alleged Diss track” aimed at M.I Abaga and G.O.A.T MC’s all over AFRICA  titled “Big BANG”.  Did Jovi deliver lyrically? Rap critics are already on their roll claiming the track had no target and was open. Deep analysis of Big Bang  will be on another article, for now Listen and download Big Bang , and endeavor to leave a comment behind.