This is Gaëlo EP is the first official EP by Tam Gaëlo. This entire project was executively produced by Gaëlo himself who is also a record producer. Gaëlo considers himself an artist/ a creator, and not just a mere entertainer. This body of work is a compilation of 10 refreshing records where he talks about situations he’s witnessed, situations he currently is in and he also talks party and fun stuff that keeps the listener hooked-in from the beginning to the end of the project. This EP features a few prominent names in the Camer hip-hop sector in the likes of Tilla, Skidi Boy, Al-K and Thug B. Listen to, and download a copy of the EP and include in your playlist. This EP brings a brand  new vibe into the cameoroon Hip Hop scene.  Relax while Gaëlo delivers good music right to your ear buds.

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