Cameroon’s Fastest Rapper Ko-C signed to USA label BTS empire is here with a brand new cover for All The Way Up by Fat Joe & Remy Ma . Men Lie, Women lie but talent does not lie, when you listen to him rap, you know he is destined for greatness, you feel the energy and zeal to succeed. He’s dope just like that. Ko-C who is putting more ink on his name in the Cameroonian Music industry was also one of the main backbone in his formal group P.I.M Boys with their popular song Ici Au Camer that got massive airplay on all media platforms. Well it didn’t end there, he has been dropping covers back to back while doing finishing touches on his single set to be released soon. The most popular of his covers was the panda cover, which got fans attributing his talent to untapped gold. Earlier this year he also dropped a remix to Ebako’s single King to a Queen .His Label are aiming for the Best, reason why his next single will make it easily into your top playlist. His calm mood, humble self is what is gaining him even much love, in his lyrics he makes it clear that he is not here to promote beef, his punches are one of its kind making him unique, he raps in english and blends in some french just to let y’all know what he is capable of. I’ll zip it for now, and let y’all discover for yourselves . Enjoy mad talent and drop a comment below.