Dr. Nkeng Stephens and Cameroon Phase of Entertainment held a Workshop at the Buea Shopping Mall on Wednesday, 11th of April, 2018. There were quite a number of people who showed up to attend the workshop. People came from Douala, Nkongsamba, Bafousam, Bamenda, Tiko, Kumba, Buea etc. There were even people in other African countries who were interested in attending but couldn’t.
The Workshop  which has the first of its kind from such an experienced Video director included the following Topics: Creating a Concept, Lighting, Camera Settings, Kind of Shots, Lenses and their Uses, Camera Movement, Editing, and Colorgrading. Attendees were able to participate during the Individual Camera Movement Practice as they had them correctly hold a Gimbal (a piece of equipment that helps keep the Camera Stable). The Lighting part of it was handled by Dr. Nkeng Stephens’ right hand man, the skilled Duala Duala.
Dr Nkeng Stephens  after the success of the event and the huge turn over wrote this on his page, “This Workshop was very important to me. We didn’t have any means of learning while we were upcoming directors. It was important that I help pave the way for the next generation of directors. It was important I share my knowledge and techniques so a stuggling or upcoming director might be able to pick up a technique. It is important to me that they know not to give up.”
What a breathe of change from the 5 star and  initiator of the  #holdhandsmovement. It will only get Better.