In December 2015, Ale Myz and her production house “The Gaëlo Outcome” released her first official single titled “Fire” which can be found by clicking here-> . This record  has received very high ratings from music fans round the globe, especially because of its uniqueness, originality, good lyrics and of high audio quality. “Fire” is the first single from her upcoming EP which will be released in about a month from now. Fire is being aired on multiple online and terrestrial radio stations and more DJs are getting the song into their playlists and are ready to keep jamming the song.

The visuals for this “Fire” song is as unique as the record itself is. It is different from almost any music video you’ve seen out there. The amazing images display a visual representation of the song’s lyrics “may fire consume the evil ones who try to stand in her path to success/greatness.” The video was shot in the USA; it was directed and edited by a well-known Cameroonian video director “MT. Muna” who’s based in the USA. Enjoy these amazing visuals and share it without moderation. Fans Can follow Ale Myz on all social media platforms as shown below.



Twitter: @ItsAleMyz

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