Female artists have made a remarkable presence in the  industry and it is impossible to under look the massive talent which they contribute in all genres . Quite a lot has changed in the way music is created and presented , from a vivid overflow of pure emotions , style and message  which corroborate their various brand of music. Apparently, there has been a lot of talent till now, yet they have the  potentials to add to the splendor and the future of Cameroonian music . Here are 9 female artists who have been tipped to be the future, their hardwork couldnt  go unnoticed.


Daphne from the South west region of Cameroon has been one of the rising female artists in the country . She is arguably one the hottest female artists in 2o16 . She has made her way into the heart of fans with  her versatility and a magnificent voice which cuts through several musical genre ,with her music  deeply embedded in the Cameroonian culture . In her short career she already released a full swing album in 2015 titled  ” here to stay” and in 2016 she earned a KORA AWARD  and an AFRIMMA nomination for Best female artist for Africa and for best female central Africa respectively . She has also collaborated with so many other artists in the industry  such as the iconic Ben Decca , Numerica , Featurist etc  her ability to sing in both languages have made her standout unique and she has been tipped to clearly have a great future.



When it comes to dance hall she’s got it all , she keeps the fire burning with that extra vibe . She has got all in one the dancing , her voice and attitude is just one of a kind . Her potential and character is nothing short of spectacular  as she weaves her way to the top , her not so long career always has that viable flair coupled to it. Ewube originates  from the South West region and signed to the best music inc ,she is a female artist who’s qualities are not only limited to dance hall but  afro-pop and Rnb with her music attracting fans from all parts of the country. She is that female artist whom one can  say is definitely not stopping now  with a lot more than enough to offer.



Blanche Bailly  started her career  not so long ago with her debut “Killa” in 2015, though it wasn’t a big hit it was just an introduction to some thing huge . She has been one of the fore runners in 2016 with two releases , apart from her talent and stand out voice she is filled with overwhelming confidence . She definitely looks like some one who have come to stay with an attitude of a diva , she very much posseses glamour of every highly rated artist .Her latest song “Kam we stay ” is just class and she always tipped to carry on with that.



She is quite a force in the industry who has a tremendous dynamism, confidence and style . She arguably is one of the females who have been running the rap game in the country , her dominance shows how daring she is with excessive  aggressiveness in the way she goes about her business  .One of those with a real talent, listening to Askia one can say she is Cameroon’s Nick Minaj. The Mutumbu record artist doesnt do only  rap but can be involved with other genres like afro-pop and RnB  which make her even more promising. She is without doubt the  female future of rap music.



Tilla is a female artist with a fantastic signature when it comes to rap . Her realism in rap brings  alot more than just words  coupled with the beat. Tilla pulled out of new bell music and has since then released her song early this year titled “Girl u nova Ndem” with her new label God mother sound . Though her career has been a little on a low we  certainly back her to be the future of Cameroon’s rap music.



If there’s any female rapper  in french language  in the country then Inna Money is the one . She has been making great stride in her rap career after just some few years of being in the spotlight . Inna Money really caught attention from fans especially with french speaking Cameroonians after her track with her all time partner Teddy Doherty in the song “bomaye”  with whom she dropped a joined EP in 2015 titled “PYROMANES”, she also impressed Jovi and got a verse on the Et p8 koi Remix, where she showed how punchful her bars could be. She has been keeping it real since then and dubbed to be the promise of cameroonian rap in future.



Montess  though hasn’t been  well known in previous years still has what it takes to stand out and make a proper surge on to the  next level . She is presently with the Buea based  Track Zone record where she recently released her song “DJ play Ma song” featuring Cameroon’s Finest Stanley Enow . Montess has the juice to take dance hall to another so far she is already going hard with collaboration from the big guns.



Mihney has been one of the few female rappers who have been rolling for some years now .One of the female rappers who actually has the ability to rap both in english and french bringing in an extra vibe to her style . She has  a high attitude street style rap carrying slogans which is enjoyed by rap fans  coupled her use of local slangs . Mihney based in Buea  with OTANTIK  entertainment and undoubtably  has that flair to  be a renowned female rap artist her latest song “Depuis quand”  tells you why.



Zemie is a Cameroon born artist who is presently based in USA . Her career in music has been going for a couple of years but she has  persistently propelled her self and music to its present highs , her voice makes her  a distinct personality as an afro-pop artist . She was a nominee for best new artist at the NEGA awards 2016 , her  latest songs “The TING” was released in February and “My own” in August this year . Zemie is a real Afro-pop talent which would definitely be a future sensation.