Africa is known to be a continent of multicultural heritage and homogeneity that transcends  many years of ancestral connections from beliefs to languages.  Richard Bona is one of the son’s of Africa who possesses the ability and has consistently tweaked the very essence of cultural plausibility back to Africa. Music that meticulously promotes culture made for the soul ,which relishes the mind with multiple sound instruments in varying genres like jazz, pop, bossa, afro-beat and funk , Richard Bona‘s talents keeps oozing like blood from a freshly cut wound. Cameroonian in origin but not scared of the cultural diversities in the world and it challenges, he has walked his way into the heart of a variety of music fans all over the world. A man who has made his flair felt through cultures with a host of albums which landed him  awards world wide and Grammy nomination for  “best contemporary music” in 2007, apparently demonstrating his rare prowess  to make music as a songwriter and an instrumentalists. You seriously cant mention Cameroonian music without mentioning Richard Bona , we celebrate him for the legend that he is. Legends in the music business in the likes of Quincy Jones know his musical prowess, reason why he is constantly in support of his craft.

Richard Bona made a perfect image bringing cultures in a  seemingly  fascinating manner fusing with some brilliant names in music to give us a taste of different cultures and dynamism, 2004  he paired with names like Lokua Kanza  in the album titled “Toto Bona Lokua ” . In 2016 he fancied a South American glamour and vibe of multicultural potency with  a Cuban Based musical band Mandekan Cubano titled  “Heritage” .A twelve track album with a vibrant mixture of sounds instruments cutting across both cultures .

Heritage is a twelve track album which is based on African folkloric attributes , throwing light on  issues about  life and its oppressors. Talking about the very essence , beauty and the magnificently crafted work of art, the sound and percussion are just overwhelming . Songs like Bilongo , Jokoh Jokoh and Cubaneando and Santa clara con Montuno emits  alot of South American vibe with drums ,guitars with  mellow  saxophone sound creating a unique effect. Matanga , kivu and Eva brings  that soulfulness which reflects a typical Cameroonian aura with a vivid mixture of  instruments and south American percussion , Essewe ya monique , Ngul Mekon and Muntula moto are songs which exposes cultural malleability .

Richard Bona is not only an icon, but a musical genius  who shaped  the face of  African cultural heritage through music embellished by his artistic ability to create music that relates to the soul. Of-course, his music will always be of great delight to  our predecessors and posterity as an artists with an unmatched creativity. Buy The album online (here). and  leave a comment.