Cameroonian Rapper Jovi And New Bell Music Boss takes shots at Empire Boss Pit Baccardi on twitter after the release of Pit Baccardi’s comeback single titled Arretez. Pit Baccardi and Jovi have not been on good terms ever since Pit supposedly mentioned Jovi as an up coming artist in an interview last year, Jovi grew hyper mad which led to him requesting for a public apology or risk getting a crazy feedback from him. well he didnt get any so, he bounced back releasing an underground project he was doing with Pit, with a long text explaining the disrespect he received which somehow also implicated Magasco. Jovi felt his hardwork was disrespected, he  labeled this act Condescending. After fans thought all of this had been burried, Jovi comes back today again clearly saying the song he just released is crap. Check out the song Arretez by Pit here, be the judge and leave your comments below.