It may well be that a collaboration in full preparation is in on it’s way, and it will be difficult to imagine until it is finally released. This is the collaboration between the Afrima 2017 nominated artist by the name of   Bollar, and BoyTag the artist bursting with energy and rising from the music scene with Cameroon’s leading Music Powerhouse Stevens Music Entertainment.



It turns out that these two talents of the Cameroonian urban music scene, and their respective labels namely Mumak Records (Bollar) and Steven’s Music (BoyTag), decided to deliver us a synergistic vibe like no other. We will keep you informed as soon as we are are updated on the evolution of things. But one thing is for sure, the track is on it’s way and you will get an exclusive as usual right here. In the meantime enjoy Bollar’s latest song Ballin and Boytag’s La Lumiere est partout below.


Emmnauel Mfon

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