Cameroonian Video Directors have seen  a step up recently  giving a tasteful visual representation to Cameroonian music. They have contributed immensely in catapulting Cameroonian music to where it is now. The quality of work they put into the videos are most times being taken for granted. These guys have been pivotal to the growth of the Cameroonian music industry. Their creativity have made Cameroonians able to compete favorably with foreign videos. Of recent these Videos have been gaining massive airplay on Media Platforms such as MTV Base, Trace Africa, Trace Urban etc. The rise in their Creativity has been enormous and somewhat fulgorous. The directors that make the top 6  most visionary music video directors are  those whose exploit is repositioning Cameroonian music to the top where it originally belonged. With this Directors there is no need to search for foreign videographers. This top 6 uniquely stand out amidst their peers in the game.

1 Dr Nkeng Stephens

Dr Nkeng Stephens has been the most Sought after Cameroonian Music Director in 2016. Nkeng  owns Cameroon Phase Entertainment which is a full fledged company.  Nkeng has  directed lots of Amazing Videos this year. His price tag is definitely not some chicken change, his creativity in his videos is just fascinating. Just this year, Nkeng was choosen by Samuel Eto’os team to do the video for the Eto’o’s charity match, which due to political instability in turkey at that time didnt hold. Some of Nkeng’s Creativity prowess could be seen in Videos like Coolkid’s seriously ft Beatballer, Salatiel Ca se passe ici, Mr Leo Kemayo,  Blanche Bailly Kam we stay,  Salatiel ft Maahlox Myra Bougez la bas and the list goes on. What makes Nkeng’s game different is his ability to work with a huge number of Artist’s and still make his creativity stand out. His strength lies in his ability give a precise, crisp urban feel to his production, as can be seen in some of his works  already listed.

2. Ns Pictures

Ns Pictures is a company of production professionals with a drive to generate creativity and innovation. NS pictures has brought us some of Cameroon’s best and most interesting music videos. they got their big break when they directed  Videos for Artists such as Locko (Ndutu, Margo, Sawa Romance), Magasco(Wule Bang bang, All Vip), Numeria(Kossa moi ca, No way ft Daphne ), Pit Baccardi(Arretez)  and a lot more.

3. Shamak Allharamadji

It is worth saying that Shamak gave most Cameroonian Video Directors hope. He was the magic brain behind the camera for Stanley Enow’s hit song Hein pere currently at  971,560 views on youtube, he also directed Tumbu Boss, Njama Njama cow, and i get nkong by Rap thug..etc. It has been a while  we saw a video which Shamak directed. Where ever you are Shamak, you need to get back to work, the Industry  needs you.

4. Mr Adrenaline

Popularly Known As Na Mr Adrenaline Directam,  is one of the dopest Videographers cameroon has got, he currently earned a nomination at the AFRIMMA awards under the Best Video Director Category(Click here to vote), aiming for a hot seat with potential Candidates such as Clarence peters. This guy is  another monster behind the camera,  he leaves all music video viewers with nothing more to imagine. His hardwork could be appreciated in videos such as Mani Bella(Stop), Ma femme(Dynastie ft Stanley enow),  Dady Dady by mimi pary ft Dynastie Le Tigre , the recently released Welcome for Kwata  by Askia ft Skidi booy and a handful of others.

5. February 16th

Nduckong Bertrand Popularly known as February 16th  is a photogenius/Videographer . Although he is solely involved in directing videos for the NEW BELL MUSIC label, he is well known for his fascinating shots that proves that he is mad talented, he is the main brain behind Jovi’s videos and the peak of his creativity could be seen in Reniss’s  La Sauce Video which is currently seating at 1,4million views on youtube, Reniss(Dashiki) . He has also done videos for Shey(ft Reniss Na you), Tata(Contri boy remix)  etc.

6. Adah Akenji

Adah Akenji is another prolific music video director. He had his big break shortly after directing the video to Mr Leo’s  smash hit “On Va Gerer” . Even though we haven’t seen a lot of videos directed by him recently, we found out that he is also working on his career as a Music Artist, he recently released a new single titled Wan o bi . Adah Akenji who has more than 3 Years experience in this business, also directed videos such as E go betta (Mr Leo ) with additional credits  to Mr adrenaline.

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