God Mother Sound announces the release of three new singles from their artist, Tilla. This time,ย Tilla is capitalizing on her love for reggae music to best express her emotions. The Reggae Trilogy TRT comprises of 3 reggae sub genres: 1)Dancehall :”Ghana Must Go”(No Apologies) ft Groovie Selecta (Prod by Groovie Selecta) 2) Reggaeton : “Criminal (Prod by Afanyu) 3)Roots Reggae: “Best Friend” (Prod by Afanyu)

Tilla teams up with Nigerian producer/reggae artist, Groovie Selecta and God Mother Sound producer Large Pro to create an iconic sweat dripping dancehall record. The rhythm and lyrics of Ghana must go will have you grooving and dancing to the beat non-stop. It’s definitely a vibe!

. “…Woman is not a woman if them na feel ya flow Tilla Groovie pon di flow u know how the ting go Burst up me vibes and the massive dem bow Taking all the money in a Ghana must go… ”

“OMG Where did you find this guy Tilla? The vibe and energy of you two in one place is definitely hotter than the dragon ball crystals.

Tilla sounds more Tilla than Tilla has ever sounded. This is dopeness on pixy dust.” (Dense Air from Kumbo)

Criminal is a simple, slow and enticing reggaeton love song on which Tilla tells us how her Spanish lover got her sneaking pon di backayard like a criminal,for his love. We can tell from her opening lines:”Amore mio tequiero macho, the way you love me I will never ever let go… ” that Tilla is glued to love and never letting go.

“I have listened just for 57 seconds and I want to predict something,this will be a hit! I can see us performing this sound at Baseline!” (Jetty from South Africa)

Best friend is a very touching and inspiring roots reggae record on which Tilla expresses her deep love and appreciation for her best friends. She displays her story telling skills as an me by successfully painting a clear picture and communicating with the audience the feeling we all might have once had; the feeling of having someone to lean on. The sweet melodious song starts with Tilla Taking us right back to her school days,…

“Back in school, me best friend wash me clothes she wash At shoes… ” and ends it with,”…that’s why I’ll never leave me best friend.

” Together with “Criminal”, Best Friend was produced by Cameroonian producer/painter, Afanyu of Gallery 237 and additional base guitar and keyboard by Sentman.

“That Best Friend song is fire!!! I love the message. It makes me feel like crying.”(Mohammad from Chin.)

“I am very excited to put out new music especially because it’s reggae music. I’ve always longed to do some reggae music, I just wasn’t ready for it,but right now I am more than ready for it;

Reggae music is flowing in my veins. I am very confident that my fans will love this direction. I really hope to gain a wider audience too. Jahbless.”

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